Did you know?:

1- Dry cleaning protects clothes and keeps your wardrobe spotless.

2- To avoid destroying your favorite dress and preventing it from losing color, becoming deformed or shrinking, AlvarSol recommends dry cleaning.

3- On many labels, mandatory on all garments, the symbol appears recommending dry cleaning. This is because these clothes are made of fabrics that cannot go into a washing machine with water and detergent, otherwise they will be damaged. This is the case for some fabrics, such as silk or wool.

4- AlvarSol has a professional and fast service to treat your clothes with care so that they are always impeccable. Come on and try it.

5-Delicate fabrics require careful washing Alvarsol leaves here tips on how to take care of your favorite clothes

The linen shrinks easily and therefore must be dry-cleaned (at home it must be washed by hand and with cold water).

6- Leather and similar products do not need to be washed but need cleaning. Stain remover products are not recommended because they can damage. Use specialized cleaning so that your parts are always spotless.

7-Jeans are usually a strong fabric, but to last and always look good they must be washed inside out, with cold or warm water, so that the fibers do not wear out evenly, losing the fashion look that you appreciate so much.

8- Alvarsol helps you to know the symbols on clothing labels